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How To Setup Tp-link Router via

Tp-Link routers are the medium to bring the high rate of wifi signals making your operating area, a smart hub of the network. It is an appropriate choice to bring these smart devices in your home and make your residence a hub of high connectivity. This Chinese company is successful in relieving people from the limitations of a wired router. They brought their wireless routers several years before to make these routers compatible to travel from one place to another.

These routers are highly adaptable in working in any environment. Whether you want to utilize them for running some high-level web application or working on some restless accounting activities, these devices will satisfy you in an appropriate manner. Routers are easily accessible through a web link which is a resourceful interface to get to the features and settings of the Tp-link routers.

What is an MTU?

MTU in Tp-link router stands for the Maximum Transmission Unit which is the largest size packet that can be delivered at a time. The packet is delivered in bytes through the cable without fragmentation. The largest size of Unit that can be transmitted through the Internet without fragmentation is 1500 bytes.

How to change MTU settings of the TP-link routers?

One can change the MTU settings of the TP-link routers with the help of the web interface of the Tp-link routers. The web interface of these routers can be accessed with the help of These routers can also be accessed through

Steps to change the MTU settings of your Tp-link router

  • Login to your Tp-link router via and through the local IP address of your router.
  • Go through the login credentials. Type the default username and password, In case you haven’t change them or logging in the first time.
  • Go to Network then click WAN and then MTU.
  • In case you are having the different Graphical user interface, you can go through Advanced, then Network, WAN and at last MTU.
  • From here you can variate the MTU according to the bandwidth of your router.

Note: If you keep your MTU more than your allowed transmission then you can also experience data loss or dropping Internet Connection.

How to fix Tp-link router speed issues?

Tp-link router speed issue can be because of the various issues. Some are repairable manually and some can be repaired with the help of the web interface of the Tp-link router. This web management page can be accessed by an individual with the help of In case you are not able to access to it with you can also use the local IP address of the TP-Link router which is and These both are applicable while login to the web interface of the Tp-link routers.

Here are some of the factors which lead to Tp-link router speed issues.

  • Check your computer is within the range of your home router or not. Sometimes internet speed issue also gets encountered in case your router is not within the wifi range of your computer.
  • Check your Ethernet Cable is properly plugged into your Ethernet port or not. Sometimes your cable is not attached properly which might leads to drop in your internet connection.
  • Check, there might be the presence of some barrier or blockage which is not allowing the wifi signal to properly get transmitted into your router. In case that barrier is irreplaceable, buy an extender to eliminate that barrier and allow your router to deliver it throughput performance to you.
  • Check your MTU settings by logging into your web interface via In case you are transmission units are more than the allowed units, If it is then it might lead to a loss in data packets or heavy drop in your internet connection.
  • The last case will be the issue from your Internet Service Provider. Contact your ISP and ask them to check their server and if there is an issue on it, then suggest them to fix it as soon as possible.
tplink router login

tplink router login

How to fix the internet speed issue on your Tp-link routers?

You can reach your router settings through your desktop by  These router settings will eventually lead you to fix your internet issue which in turn turns back your internet speed at an excellent level.

Here are some guidelines which will definitely help you out in fixing the internet speed issue in your router.

  1. Check the version of firmware your Tp-link router. In case, it’s not the latest one then upgrade it from the web interface of your router. You can access this key feature of the router by Some latest model of Tp-link router automatically updates the firmware in your device. You do not need to check it again and again by facing the inconvenience of logging into your router over and over.
  2. Check the interconnection speed between your router and the device on which you are operating the Internet. If it is not suitable then contact your ISP and get it to fix as soon as you can.
  3. Sometimes channel might be the issue of degradation in your Internet speed. Change your channel, (generally, 1,6 and 11) are the best-considered channels for the operating speed. Sometimes Internet speed issue also gets encountered with the interference problem of nearby Wi-Fi networks, in this case, you do not have to change your channels.

Note: A wireless channel usually signifies the operating frequency in use.

  1. Even after doing various settings on your network, if your internet speed issue doesn’t get resolved, then make sure that too many devices should not be connected to your network. Perform a simple test, allow only one device to connect to your network, if internet speed gets normal then remain stick to this process to get things done efficiently through your internet.
  2. Test the Wi-Fi speed by disabling the security of 2.4GHz in your Wi-Fi. If internet speed gets enhanced then stick to this settings.
  3. Change the channel width according to the frequency band of your router. If frequency band is 2.4 GHz, then keep the channel width 40 MHz and if the frequency band is 5 GHz then the channel width is 80 MHz. It might escalate the Wi-Fi speed of your network.
  4. If all above settings do not solve your issue, then the final and simple option is to reset your router which will restore the default settings into your router. There might be the presence of bugs in your router, the reset process will remove those threats and make your router free from all those bugs. It might enhance the performance of your router and make you able to perform your efficiently and conveniently

How to enable Access control settings on your Tp-link routers?

Access control settings” on the router allow a particular user to access or block the network. This is the prominent setting in your router through which you can block the desired wireless device from your network. After performing this that device won’t be able to access your network which might cause the enhancement in your Wi-Fi performance. These settings are accessed by the web management page of the router. One has to go through the Tp-link router login process in order to reach to such advanced settings of the router.

These are some guidelines to configure the Access control settings in your network.

  1. Launch a web browser in your desktop. Input on the address bar of your browser. In some case, if you won’t be able to get to the web interface through this link then try as the URL to get to the login page of the Tp-link routers.
  2. Type the login credential that you have set up for your Username and the password. If you are sure that you haven’t set it up then try the default username and the password which will surely be “admin” in both cases.
  3. Go to “Access Control-Host” then click Add New.
  4. Select an “IP address” and then add some description about the host rule which will be added on the “Host Description box”.
  5. Click Save, the new host rule will be represented on the “Host settings” page.
  6. Again Go to “Access Control” then Click ADD New”
  7. Select “Domain Name” in “Mode Box” and then enter the brief description about the rule you are setting up. Now enter the IP address of those devices to which you want to block.
  8. Then, Click Save and new target settings will show off on the “Target Settings” Page.
  9. Go to Access control then tick “Enable Internet Access Control” which will allow you to gain control on your Network. Then select the option “Deny the packets specify by enabling access control policy to pass through the router”.
  10. Then do all this click “Save”.

Note: If this is set to “Allow” option then all websites that you have hosted once will get blocked.

Frequently asked questions

What are the Tp-link router login steps?

These are the steps which will lead you to the Tp-link router login.

  1. Connect all the cables properly with your router along with the computer.
  2. Open a web browser in your computer.
  3. Input or on the address bar of the browser.
  4. Your Tp link router login page will appear.
  5. Type the default username and the password, in case you haven’t set up the new password. The default username and password is “admin”.
  6. After following these steps you will successfully be able to login to your router.

How does MTU size determine the speed of your Internet?

MTU size is basically maximum unit  of the data packet that is being transmitted into your router. It is pretty obvious as large as the size of the data packet will be as much as the high speed of connectivity you will get delivered from the Internet.

What is the maximum unit of the data packets that are sent once at a time while you are connected to the network?

The largest size of the data packets that most Internet Service Providers provide is 1500 bytes. This means that if one has set up above the size of the data packet then it will cause a loss in internet packages and drop in your connectivity.

What is fragmentation in terms of the network?

Fragmentation, basically is the deconstruction process of the data packets when they were sent in a large size than the allowed size. This is the cause that leads to the deconstruction of the data packets. The fragmentation process was done at the end of the data processor which gathers all parts which are being received. This process leads to the lag in the network and connectivity issues.

How to correct an MTU issue on your router?

Steps to correct an MTU issue on your router.

  1. First, contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them at what unit their MTU is set to.
  2. Then visit your Tp-Link router login  by
  3. Fill up the login credentials by typing the username and the password of your router.
  4. Go to advanced then Network then WAN and at last MTU.
  5. Now adjust your MTU settings according to the unit that the ISP has mentioned you.
  6. It will surely correct your MTU issue on your router which in turn escalated the internet speed of your router.